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Brick Bridge partners with innovative Organizations to co-develop software solutions that create unrestricted funding.

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How Funding Is Created

Organizations enjoy participation in the income derived from the product that is co-developed in partnership with Brick Bridge.

Unrestricted Funding

 Partner organization co-own software solutions that are developed in partnership. Distribution of unrestricted funding is based on percentage ownership.

Evergreen Payments

Funding is continuous and is based on the volume of subscriptions from industry peers. Subscription payments tend to be monthly and/or annual.

Programmatic Performance

Solutions are designed to increase grant performance by decreasing administrative overhead. This allows programs focus more on program impact.

Who Makes Great Candidates

Here are some statements to help you understand
if co-development is right for your organization.

Established Organizations

• We are known regionally, nationally, or globally for the work that we do.

• We tend to be considered as innovative or a thought leader by our industry peers.

• We are in a period of financial stability or entering a period of growth.

• We have, or are ready to generate, a formalized system for program delivery.

New Organizations

• We are a new organization with a mission that will have a regional impact.

• We are creating programs that other organizations may want to institute.

• We have obtained, or are obtaining, funding to execute on our mission.

• We have been unable to find suitable software solutions or they do not exist for our program.

Internal-Use Solutions

• We are looking to increase only our own performance to win more funding opportunities.

• We are in a period of financial stability and have personnel capacity to assign to a project.

• We have/are seeking funding to develop an internal system for our use.

• We have, or are ready to generate, a formalized system for program delivery.

Consulting Only

• We are an established organization that has an IT or development staff with capacity.

• We have/are creating software solutions that we think other organizations may want to institute.

• We ready to begin a new business line for unrestricted funding

• We do not have, or plan to have, product development and distribution expertise on staff.

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